Axia Offer Valuation & Insolvency Agent Services.


Axia Valuation Services provide independent advice and opinions on valuation of a full range of assets. Our commercial experience helps our clients address some of their most challenging valuation issues in an informed manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide bespoke solutions.

Valuation is a complex subject, requiring in-depth understanding of where the market for a specific asset sits at any given time. Valuation advice needs to have the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgment to enable the client to make the best decision for the benefit of the subject company/individual. We combine our specialist valuation skills with our commercial and industry expertise, looking at the assets in question, the Company, financial and non-financial information, as well as factors such as the regulatory environment pertaining at the time.

Our team advises on all aspects of valuation, to include; going concern businesses, chattel assets, inventory, property, intellectual property and intangible assets, using resources across our firm to deliver a high quality service. When we are establishing values for assets we take into account both quantitative and qualitative factors.

Axia Valuation Services are members of the National Association of Valuers & Auctioneers (NAVA). Axia Partners peer-review all valuation reports, confirming the validity of the assumptions and the data prior to release.


Axia Valuation Services provide a range of services to clients within the business recovery sector to include; corporate restructuring professionals, lawyers, accountants, banks, asset based lenders, business consultants etc.

Our professionals have a good understanding of current insolvency regulations, law and practice. We offer a full valuation service with in-depth due diligence procedures, to include; site inspections, individual asset analysis, desktop valuations, information memorandums, retention of title management site clearances etc.

We are focused on building strong partner relationships with our clients. Our valuers are accessible and responsive to clients’ requirements, recognising the need for flexibility and for meeting deadlines. We have many years experience and have earned a reputation for reliability and integrity. We regularly value going concern businesses, tangible assets, intangible assets and are conversant in the valuation issues unique to intellectual property.

Axia Valuation Services can offer clients access to full logistical support, including; transport, secure warehousing, labour, security, locksmiths, court bailiff support and site safety awareness.


The Partners at Axia are experienced negotiators and have completed many complex, high-value going concern and asset disposal sales; benefitting from the experience gained. Our team are adept at dealing with prospective buyers and managing the myriad of commercial, financial, legal and health and safety aspects of asset disposal and accelerated Merger and Acquisition processes.

We can provide in-situ asset disposal services or uplift assets to our secure warehousing facilities for disposal. Our usual method is to test the market as widely as possible via our extensive data base, online advertising, trade publications and by targeting specific competitors within the industry sector to alert them to a possible acquisition opportunity. Assets are generally disposed of by private treaty or auction, after conferring with clients and agreeing upon the best method. Our objective is always to achieve maximum realisations.

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